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Archive | April, 2013

Is Our American Dream Gen Y’s Nightmare?

Are todays college grads sacrificing their future—because of our avarice? What is the American Dream? The American Dream is commonly defined as: The ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American. A life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S. I’d like […]
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The Pain of Unemployment

The pain of unemployment has become a malicious and inescapable part of our national culture. It is a silent presence in every conversation every day—even if you are employed. Jobseekers carry the bulk of the burden as they try to cope with the financial, psychological, and social impact to their daily lives. * * * […]
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Are you waiting to hear back from an interview?

Interview Follow-up: Top 10 Tips! This job was important to Don and when the call came to schedule an interview, he took special care as he prepared. As a non-profit accountant, Don was very aware that opportunities were disappearing as his industry began outsourcing his business function. Early in the recession, many accounting jobs had […]

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Attention Boomers: Are Jobs Coming?

You WILL get a job…If Boomer Jobseekers are struggling mightily with the perception that they are obsolete and their career is over, done, finis. It’s a myth, a lie, a sham. It is a shame that so many boomer-jobseekers believe this cruel deception. Living the lie. This economic disaster has devastated workers over 50 perhaps […]

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