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Archive | May, 2013

How Unemployment Has Changed the U.S.

I’m writing this on Memorial Day Weekend. We commemorate the people who have died to preserve our country’s freedom. Even during this time of the Great Recession, I am grateful that I live here in the United States. Do we commemorate or celebrate? Many of us will participate in family gatherings, picnics, and other outings. […]
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Why You’re Still Unemployed

You have done everything they say, and you still don’t have a job. This blog is in response to a discussion from a LinkedIn Group for job seekers. The discussion centered on the blog: The Pain of Unemployment. One jobseeker had the courage to tell the group about his long journey to find a job. […]
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The Emotional Pain of Changing Careers

For most people, careers are a highly personal matter. They hold our identity and our hope. They provide life direction and give us meaning. To a certain extent, our careers determine the personality pool from which we will build both personal and professional relationships. By mid-career, we see the results of our early decisions. We […]
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When and How to Change Your Career

Change. It’s everywhere now. And is sure seems like many people are struggling to keep up. Many jobseekers are in shock as entire industries change dramatically because of technology. Some jobs and even entire industries are disappearing completely. People are scrambling to figure out how to repurpose their skills sets and earn a living. I […]
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