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Archive | July, 2013

Navigate the job market like you’re shopping!

Be a savvy shopper in today’s employment marketplace! Guest blogger, Anna Pitts gives recommendations to grads that are relevant for every jobseeker! The graduate job market. It sounds very exciting. Is it a place where you can go and buy a graduate job? That would be handy. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. “Graduate job market” […]
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Your Interview Begins Earlier Than You May Think

Skeptics beware! Most jobseekers make the critical error of believing that their preparation for an interview begins after it has been scheduled. In truth, most interviews begin before the résumé has been customized for the position. It may have started months and even years ago. Really! * * * Terry finally got a call for […]
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What They Didn’t Tell You About Your Job Search

Jobseeker assumptions sabotage efforts! Many jobseekers make some reasonable assumptions about finding a job, especially if they have recently graduated or have been laid off. But those assumptions can quickly sabotage a job search and disrupt a career. * * * The jobsearch has changed dramatically! Five years ago, the scene was different and it […]
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Why the Job Numbers Don’t Matter

We are getting used to the job numbers being incrementally better each month. But from a jobseeker’s perspective, it simply isn’t moving fast enough. The truth is, the job numbers, better or worse, don’t matter. Heidi Shierholz, using Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data, announced this week that, at our current rate of job growth, it […]
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