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Archive | September, 2013

When does the interview begin?

Your interview begins earlier than you think! Getting called for an interview brings a bag full of mixed emotions. Our minds tend to be overwhelmed. We go into hyper drive and begin the onerous process of preparation as we manage our excitement and deal with our fears and self-doubts. * * * When does the […]
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How to Get from Despair to Hope

Or…Jobseeker Mental Madness Management Time and time again, jobseekers tell me that the most difficult part of a job search is managing their mental traffic. As I listen to my clients they often begin a sentence with, “What if…” The remainder of the sentence is usually a negative event: “What if I don’t get an […]
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Is the U.S. in economic recovery?

The “job numbers” came out recently and I’ve been scrutinizing them with great interest. What seems like a better and better picture doesn’t reflect the reality of jobseekers in the “real world.” I decided to ask some questions, go back to basics and review the current news in light of the past assertions since the […]
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Creating Your Long-Term Employment Survival Kit: Part 3 of 3

Interviews with Neil Patrick, owner of 40PlusCareerGuru. PART 3: How to survive and thrive in a global economy. PART 1: Which is better—Large U.S. Corporations or Small to Medium Enterprises? PART 2: Where is the safest place for future employment? Technology is driving the world towards a globally interconnected, multi-national economy. For better or worse, […]
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