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Archive | October, 2013

Creating Your Career Identity in A Brave New World

Today, entire industries are collapsing at record speed. Trusted skill sets have become obsolete and new skills are in demand. In the midst of this unparalleled scope and speed of change, our future rests in our ability to sustain a credible career identity that is flexible, adaptable and embraces an inclusive, multi-cultural and global awareness. […]
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The Science of Hiring, Part 1: Job Fit

Job Fit: It isn’t what you think. “Job Fit” and “Cultural Fit” have become common terms in the hiring realm. Both terms may seem innately vague, however they are at the core of successful hiring processes. Both jobseekers and employees will find that a thorough understanding of these concepts from a business perspective is critical […]
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The Post-Recession Networking Puzzle: Part 2

LinkedIn networking—on steroids Prior to the Great Recession, the time-honored belief was that the best way to get a job was through network connections. With today’s technology, networking has taken on new dimension and we can demonstrate we are trustworthy and a valuable asset as a networking colleague and associate. If you haven’t read Part […]
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The Post-Recession Networking Puzzle: Part 1

At this point, everyone knows that finding a job has taken on new dimension. Whether a person is unemployed or employed, looking for a job or not, people will agree that finding a job today presents multiple challenges that are new to the job search. Today we are putting together new paradigms for every aspect […]
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