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Archive | January, 2014

Job Security: Job Fit—the moving target

After an interview, jobseekers often say, “I hope I get that job…it’s a good fit.” When I read Human Resource and Recruiter blogs about hiring, they are constantly asking about job fit. And yesterday, a potential client spent about 90 minutes telling me about her current job, which could be summarized by, “It’s just not […]
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Job Security: Two Key Factors You Can Control

Unemployed jobseekers routinely tell me that they have two concerns about their future. The first is about job security. The second is the fear of being stuck in a job they dislike. About 30% of the people I work with are currently employed and are looking to change jobs. Their number one concern is job […]
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Job Security: New Rules for 2014

Rules—people don’t usually gravitate towards the rules of engagement. Generally we prefer a shortcut. Sometimes, especially when I’m working with technology, I’ll try my own potential solutions to see if I can “make it work”…sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I resign myself to understanding the rules to help me reach […]
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