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Archive | February, 2014

Job Security: How to Manage Your Depression

Most jobseekers agree: the toughest part of the search is managing the mental traffic. When I ask jobseekers what kind of week they’ve had and follow it up with the question about “What made it good/bad/hard?” If it was “good” it was usually triggered by an event. It could have been a call from a […]
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Job Security is Like the Olympics: Vet the Recruiter!

To get a job and stay employed is a lot like the Olympic Games. These athletes train day after day and year after year for these events. Similarly, jobseekers are going to have to do the same to understand their industry, track hiring trends, and steer clear of opportunists who would take advantage of them. […]
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Job Security: Vet the company—will it be toxic?

At this point, everyone knows that it’s a very hard market for jobseekers. So when an employed person in today’s economy wants out of their current situation, that’s a heads-up for me. About 30% of my clients have come to me asking for help to find different employment. The reasons they give for “wanting out” […]
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Job Security: BEWARE and Vet the Company!

Unconscionable treatment of job candidates this week has made me angry and determined. Note: The names and places have been changed. Client One: Tony After numerous Skype and lengthy phone interviews, Tony was invited out for a face-to-face interview. Salary requirements and other contract expectations had been discussed. The reputable regional organization (with a national […]
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