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Archive | August, 2014

Jobseekers, do you feel abandoned?

The recent news has included ISIS, Iraq, Gaza, Israel, Russia and the Ukraine. Here in the U.S. we read and hear about the tragedy surrounding James Foley and Michael Brown…as the world watches. As for the Ebola virus and illegal immigrants at the border—they have quickly become old news. What about the unemployed? Are you […]
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The Two Greatest Job Search Challenges

The most difficult challenges: The most difficult part of a job search is that you don’t know when it will be over. The second most difficult part of a job search is that there is very little, if any, recognizable feedback to improve your success rate along the way and shorten your search. Jobseekers ask, […]
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The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed

Being unemployed changes a person. …especially when it becomes a long-term condition. It can erode self-confidence, wreck relationships, and undermine physical and mental health. But it doesn’t stop there and the list seems to go on without end. With so many Americans who are, or have been in this situation, I wonder if it has […]
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