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Archive | September, 2014

Why Your Job Search Plan Isn’t Working

Are you getting interviews? Are they for jobs that are a good fit? Are the interviews at the right level for your next career move? If the answer to any of these questions is “NO” then it’s time to assess your Job Search Plan. The results you receive when you respond to a job posting […]

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How to find hope amidst catastrophic loss

A sure way to count your blessings is to look up “jobless horror stories” on the internet. Jobseekers know they could lose everything. That’s a little bit abstract and it doesn’t begin to tell the countless, heart-wrenching stories of honest, everyday people who lose their job, their dignity, their self-worth, their homes, all their possessions […]
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Will you ever get back to work at your former salary?

Under-employed? Under-paid? Working? Uh huh. You have a job? …kinda. Perhaps it’s part-time, or maybe it’s in a different industry doing something you really don’t care to mention and at a salary that is embarrassing when compared to your former position. But you’re working. How did it feel on LinkedIn— when you indicated that you […]
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