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Archive | July, 2016

How to write a stunning career change résumé

Career change is becoming the norm for most people. This creates a challenge when trying to put together a resume. Jobseekers educate themselves about the benefits of both chronological and functional resumes as well. But when a career change is in process it can be a major challenge to formulate a resume that demonstrates credibility […]
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Your career success depends on one simple skill

Many jobseekers are finding their job search has come to a dead-end. Do you relate? They apply to positions where they believe they are totally qualified —and they don’t even get a call. It’s excruciating. Mid-career jobseekers look for positions that seem to be a good next step to develop their career path. That seems […]
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How to turn résumé failures to your advantage

”But I was a perfect fit for that job! It isn’t hard to find jobseekers who say, “I was a perfect fit for that position and I didn’t get an interview!” No matter how clearly a candidate’s background fits the description on a job posting, there are still reasons that he or she may not […]
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