Millennials and the Gig Economy
     …Is this really what GenY wants?

The Millennial generation is now in their early careers and they are becoming a major part of the U.S. workforce. Many companies, managers, and hiring professionals are doing their best to understand how to attract this early-career demographic to their businesses and organizations. NOTE: The terms “Millennial” and “GenY” will…continue

The formidable challenges facing most Millennials today

The formidable challenges facing Millennials today This is a series of blogs on behalf of the Millennial workforce. I am indebted to hundreds of Millennials who have conversed with me and clarified their thoughts as well as mine. The sequence includes: Who are the Millennials? My theory about the Millennial…continue

Why do millennials seem lazy, entitled, unmotivated and apathetic?
…at least some of them.

This is one in a lineup of blogs about the early-career generation known as the Millennials. They are a remarkable generation with unusual insights and enormous potential. The first blog attended to the misconceptions about the millennial generation and why generalizations can be misleading. The second blog in this series…continue

Interview Tips for Millennials

Interview Tips for Grads & Others This article is written by Ericka Spradley, owner at My Next Level and Marcia LaReau, Founder and Owner of Forward Motion, LLC. Making the transition from college to the workplace can be especially challenging because the rules are so different and often times, there are different assumptions on the…


COVID-19: The unreported torment of lockdown for young jobseekers

This is the story of two early-career jobseekers who are determined to move forward during COVID-19. I have recently interviewed two early-career jobseekers in New York City. With the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic, I wanted to hear how they were doing and better understand the impact of COVID-19….continue

Insights into the Food Industry with David Shapiro

An interview with David Shapiro Over the last few years, I’ve worked with several clients in the food industry. The lineup of roles includes line cook, sous chef, executive chef, front-of-the-house coordinator, house manager, floor manager, and club manager. David Shapiro has been in the food industry since 2009. He…continue

Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers?

Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers? Have you received a text about a job? If you haven’t yet, the chances are growing that you might receive one soon. Would you respond to a text about a job? For many people, a text about a job might not…continue