Marcia LaReau Founder, President, Career Strategist:“I believe that people are responsible for the outcomes of their career. With so many jobs being eliminated by technology, a career strategy is critical to winning a job that fits.

Forward Motion was founded to bring career strategy to jobseekers and that’s why I am committed to meticulous, up-to-date, ground-breaking research about every aspect of the ever-changing hiring practices—to create a purpose-driven workforce—one person at a time.”

Dr. LaReau’s background includes Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Music and a doctorate in adult education.

Her career includes 15 years as a college teacher, 12 years as an orchestral conductor, 10 years in the corporate sector as a Project Manger, Learning Technologist, and HR Director. Now she is an entrepreneur – building a business from the ground up. She is living proof that all of our life experiences and formal education evolve into a set of skills that can lead us work that is both enriching and rewarding. Work experiences we may never have imagined probable or possible.

Marcia’s background in the fine arts, education, and executive leadership inspired her to take Forward Motion from idea to reality. In the years preceding the economic uncertainty of 2008, Marcia was truly a visionary – busy developing a viable business whose time was about to come.

Today, Dr. LaReau is sought after as an inspirational speaker and for her insights into the U.S. job market. Marcia has spoken as Keynote Speaker for Information Systems Security Association of Connecticut and the Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference. In June 2017, she will deliver the keynote address to the Connecticut Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) Conference. To view her speaking schedule, visit our Events page.

The Forward Motion business model combines a focused job search method and personalized coaching to minimize the time to hire and elevate success rates. Blending her creativity and refined analytical and communication skills, Marcia’s passion and drive have created a unique hands-on and virtual business that accommodates international clientele. (860) 833-4072…

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  • Increase job-seeker success rates.
  • Reduce time to employment.
  • Teach principles of career management.


  • We value the individual and his or her time, efforts, and dreams for long-term success..
  • We value and identify long-term career success, as defined by:.
    • Work that is enjoyable and challenging.
    • Work that allows for non-punitive personal and professional growth in a respectful environment—one that champions integrity and excellence and allows the individual to maintain a proper work-life balance.


    • Each individual is responsible for the outcomes of his or her career.
    • Individuals may not be able to control the decisions within their work-environment, but they can control their responses to them.

  • No one should feel stuck!


    • Provide up-to-date processes based on current hiring practices.
    • Present information, materials, and workshops through a spirit of excellence.
    • Provide sets of tools to equip people to handle career transitions and junctures, so they may maximize their career success.

  • Provide techniques for use within the work-environment, so employees can remain professional, productive, positive, and engaged.
  • Provide reasonably priced services that train individuals to manage their careers.

Forward Motion Employment Program:
Success in your job search rests on three critical factors.

1 Finding jobs that are a good fit

2 Getting your information through the online filtering systems

3 Differentiating yourself both on your cover letter, résumé, and during the interview process

These three critical factors are at the heart of the Forward Motion Employment Program.
Participants learn how they manage information through a unique Style Delineator. They learn how to apply this information to their job search and use it to identify opportunities that are a good fit. This maximizes their success, once they start their new job.

Participants also learn how to apply their unique attributes to the Forward Motion Cover Letter and Résumé model, that they will use to apply for positions through the online processes required by most hiring entities. Especially important, job-seekers learn about the filtering systems inside the application software that are used to reduce the number of potential candidates and how to maximize their success in getting through those systems.

Finally, participants learn how to differentiate themselves during the interview process and land job offers. The Forward Motion Employment Program is offered in groups, in private, and for early career and mid-career participants. Look for the group and personal coaching schedule.

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