Marcia LaReau – Media Bio

Marcia LaReau, President & CEO

“The employment landscape continues to change at light speed as innovative technologies challenge hiring strategies. Since we have already moved to a global economy, it is critical that jobseekers find a coaching solution that is both strategic and tactical. Forward Motion is that solution.”

Called a Career Futurist in the employment industry, Marcia LaReau founded Forward Motion, LLC in 2007. Since that time, she has become a recognized leader in the employment industry, speaking to

Since 1978, Dr. LaReau has been involved with career placement. For 11 years she worked from the inside of academia, helping college students launch their career. After moving to the corporate sector, she worked within fortune 50 companies for eight years to establish entry-level employees in a successful career path.

“When I learned that 85% of entry-level employees lose their first job in three to six months, I was devastated. How could we be failing that many people?” In 2007, after being laid off for the second time, Dr. LaReau decided to do something about it and founded Forward Motion, LLC, committed to helping recent college grads launch a successful career.

Building partnerships with human resource professionals and recruiters laid the foundation for LaReau to conduct meticulous, exhaustive research. Finally, after two years of testing, LaReau cracked the code of the online systems, and developed a entirely new approach to writing cover letters, résumés, and the interview process. Three years later she implemented a coaching program, Targeted Networking for Employment.

“The hiring industry is evolving quickly as technology brings new capabilities. My job is to understand every detail of those changes and bring up-to-date strategies to jobseekers. When jobseekers follow the process, they get jobs that fit; one that is satisfying, sustainable, and meets their financial needs. Employers get better employees.”

Dr. LaReau holds a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University, a Master of Arts degree from Northwestern University, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from The Ohio State University.

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