If you think there are no jobs during COVID-19? Please think again. Hiring is happening quickly, efficiently, and without delay…IF you know where to look.

Companies, businesses, and organizations have been caught off guard by COVID-19, just like you and me. Many people have been furloughed and others laid off. Are you one of them? Are you wondering where you can find work—right now?

While some businesses have closed down, laid off or furloughed employees, others are moving at light speed to try to find works to help with the deluge of work that COVID-19 has brought to their door.

This is a series of blogs to help people through COVID-19. I suggest you begin with the first blog: COVID-19: 10 Must-dos for every jobseeker.

Where to find jobs during COVID-19

The news has been non-stop with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus. These challenges have brought great demand that businesses are trying to meet. We all know that there the hospitality and travel industry is at a standstill, however, the jobs I’m considering include almost every possible set of skills. (More on this later in this blog.)

The news is giving us hints and tips every day. Here are some examples:

  1. Anything related to medical needs:
    The news is filled with the need for materials and essential supplies. Companies are re-tooling their process to meet the need for hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). Add ventilators and other items that are in high demand. Some of these companies are hiring people to help with operations support, back office inventory management and administrative work. Many of these jobs are for virtual employees, working from home.
  2. Hospitals and other medical facilities associated with the virus.
    There is enormous need for support. This doesn’t necessitate working with infected people. The supply chain to bring in the needed supplies, administrative support to monitor those supplies as well as medical records—look for opportunities that you are comfortable doing and apply.
  3. Online and remote communication and learning/teaching tools.
    There are many audiences that are trying to handle the online tools for the first time. The learning curve is very steep. Consider the audiences that are scrambling to become effective: teachers, students, parents, and companies moving online for the first time.

    These audiences need help learning the software, but that isn’t all. Teachers need help to identify ways to engage with their students. They need unique ways to help their students learn and to keep their interest during the day.

    Add to this companies that supply services such as Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting and others that may need more customer service assistance as so many users are learning the tools for the first time.

  4. Banks and Lending Companies
    Banks and lending companies are working overtime to process the Payroll Protection Plan loans. This includes the Small Business Administration. As these programs are administered to thousands of businesses and owners, look for opportunities that support their needs.
  5. Shipping Services
    This goes past UPS and Amazon and there is a lot more to this than restocking shelves in the grocery store. Opportunities include every part of the supply chain including inventory, planning, and supply management.
  6. Delivery Services
    This list may include grocery stores, curb-side services, and companies that need to get equipment and supplies to employees who are working from home.

    I have a friend who delivers food. He drives to the parking lot of the business and transfers to a company car. He texts the business and someone brings out the package. He receives the address by text, and makes the delivery. Payment is handled by an app on his smartphone or by credit card before he arrives with the delivery. There is minimal contact with others.

  7. Health Insurance Processing
    The news tells us that neither hospitals nor individuals will pay for the COVID-19 testing. Processing these charges are going to be voluminous. Consider claims processing and associated needs in hospitals and insurance companies.
  8. Funeral Industry
    There are so many people who are grieving. Can you help them? Check this industry to see what kinds of skills are needed.

*     *     *

Most importantly: As the country moves into the next phase, new opportunities will be revealed. Keep your eyes open. Find companies that provide needed assistance in the form of tools, services, and products. Thousands of opportunities are available for every skill set.

Do you have some other ideas on where to find employment during COVID-19? Please help others and put your ideas in the comments below. Thanks!

In the next blog, I will discuss changes to your résumé to draw employers to give you a call.

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