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If you are unemployed, then you probably have many questions that deal with more than just finding employment. This page is a work in progress where we hope to provide direction and assistance as you make your way to employment. If you have suggestions, requests, or comments on this page, please contact us and help us help others.

Not all the services here are without charge.

Getting Started
If you have been laid off, your first call should be to your State Unemployment Office. Before you begin looking for employment, talk to a financial professional and understand how to manage your situation for the long term.

Articles and Tips:

Parents & GRADS:
No.1 Must-Do before Graduation
Interviewing Tips for Millenials (and others)
Parents: Dos and Don’ts
Conversation Starters, Selecting Employment Assistance

Your Online Image:
Managing Digital Dirt
Creating an Online Image

Jobseeker Hyper Drive
New (Social) Networking
How to Get an Introduction

Holiday Networking
Business Events and Parties
Holiday Gatherings: Friends & Family
Managing Holiday Thoughts and Feelings

Job Search Distractions
Staying Motivated
Managing Your Emotions
Managing Fear During your Job-search
Motivation and Guilt
Fighting the Funk
Managing Your Thoughts—The Inner Voices
Beating Double Jeopardy!

Long-term Unemployment & Underemployment:
Strategies to Break Long-term Unemployment
Managing Your Underemployment
Temp Work & Internships

The Employment Process:
How to Enter the Hidden Jobmarket
6 Questions to ask before you apply
Planning Your Job Search
Tracking Progress & Troubleshooting
Job-Seeker’s Weekly To-Do List
Interview Failure: Next Steps
How to Strategize your Career
Employment Action Plan

Applications (Cover Letters and Résumés):
Assessing Job Requirements
Cover Letter Essentials
Résumé Challenges: Elephant Management

Working with Hiring Professionals:
HR sees it a mile off
No. 1 Success Factor
Assessing and Managing Job Offers
Contacting Potential Employers
Responding to a Job Rejection
Working with Recruiters, Pt. 1
Working with Recruiters, Pt. 2
Multiple Recruiters for the Same Position?

Interviewing for Introverts
Group Interviews
Panel Interviews

Jobseeker Hyper Drive
Interview Credibility
Interviewing Tips for Millenials (and others)

Business Networking

Today, a LinkedIn account is critical to your job search. Over 94% of hiring professionals will look at your LinkedIn profile as they consider your application. There is no charge to open an account. Once your profile is complete, connect with former colleagures and build your online network. Write recommendations for former colleagues and use this tool to create good-will. Join groups from the Group Menu, and look for employment opportunities in the Jobs menu.

There are many job-seeker support groups. Contact your local library to find job-seeker programs in your area.

Financial Review

There is no way to determine how long you may be unemployed. If you have a financial advisor, schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. A heart-to-heart conversation with your family may be important and helpful for everyone to understand how they can help.

Attorney Sarah Poriss provides credit report reviews and analysis (which may be viewed by employers in the hiring process) and assistance with errors on credit reports; assistance with credit card debt, foreclosure and debt collection issues. Click here to visit her website.

Job Search

Look for positions that are exciting to you and ones where your skills and experience clearly match the qualifications. Use the keywords from your ideal positions to find other possibilities. If you need additional assistance, libraries and State employment assistance organizations can help you. Other job-seekers may also be able to help. Finally, if you are still having trouble, consider the FM Internet Job Search service.

Click on these links to search for employment opportunities.

Best-in-class search engines:

Non-profit job boards:

Technology job boards:

Academic job boards:
Academic Jobs Online
Higher Ed Jobs

Company Reviews, Salary Information & Interview Questions

The best sites that we have found to find company reviews, identify salary ranges, and find interview questions that may help you during the job-seeking process are Glassdoor and CareerBliss. To view their complete information you may be required to open an account and give them salary information from your work history. You will not be identified with the information, but it will be used to help other job seekers who need information. You will also find company reviews by their employees and information about their interview practices.

Job Negotiation Resources

The following links may help you in your research to carefully negotiate your next employment contract.
SHRM/ Survey Results on Job Negotiation
Salary Calculator at
Career Research and Pay Scale Index
Bureau of Labor Statistics Database, Tables, and Calculators
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011

Presentations &  Handouts

Click on a link to download the presentation. New content will be added regularly.
Job Search Startup
Networking Notworking?
Job Negotiation
UConn School of Engineering
Parents of Grads
Interviewing Overview

Job Search Startup
CLA Library Employment Center
How Small Businesses Can Help
Recharge Your Job Search

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