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Let’s try it!

Let’s see what happens!

And I’m going to tell you this – the number one reason people don’t get hired for jobs they’re qualified [for] …

And I go out and I ask HR all the time – why don’t you hire somebody that you know can do the job?

Because they’re not “work ready.”

Work ready? I get up every morning, I’m ready to go to work. As opposed to, “this has been so hard.” You see what happened to my posture? They know it before they’ve said a word to you that you’re not work ready.

  • You’re not ready to go.
  • You’re not up on your industry.
  • You’re not an expert.

What have you been doing since you’ve been laid off?

“I’ve been learning about my industry. It is so exciting, I can hardly wait to get back into the workplace! I like your company, because this is what you’re doing. And that’s meaningful to me. Matter of fact, it’s personal to me.”

As opposed to:

Going into an interview, I wonder what they’re going to do to me? Marcia, I just got this link, and they’re asking me to take these psychological profiles.”

“Go on my website. Search for the word “science.”

There’s four articles.

The Science of Hiring,” Read them. It’s about how to handle those things, okay?”

We must not go back to work with PTSD in our pocket. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I have a person who calls me every single Thursday at six PM to talk through her week because she is so afraid she is going to lose her job.

She’s had it for two months – we talk every Thursday.


We have to get through fear.

And we’ve got to be able to start taking risks to find the innovation that we need in this country to get through all the stuff that’s happening.

  • And we’re going to do it.
  • And you’re going to do it because you’ve made friends here.
  • You know people throughout this whole time. And we’re going to help each other.
  • We’re going to cover each other’s back and we’re going to promote innovation.
  • And ideas.
  • And we’re going to speak up.
  • And we’re going to say what needs to be said, professionally and politely.

But we’ve got to do this.

We’ve got to step up.

And if we don’t do it, this room is going to continue to be filled because you’re not work ready.


Because if we cannot protect our hope individually
as well as a nation, we are not going to make it.

What happens if?

We can ask that question forever.

What happens if China calls our loans? What happens if the bank calls my loan? You learn today, get rid of credit card debt. Months ago I asked Ken Gronbach what would happen if people paid just a five percent of the people paid off their credit card debt. He said it would change the country.

Credit card debt is something we can do. I don’t care if it’s ten dollars a month, but pay something. Get rid of our debt individually and it will have incredible [consequences].

And if you do that it feels good and hope comes back. How many of you have gotten a phone call that said, “We’d like to talk to you.” And your insides go, “Yippee!” Truthfully, your life didn’t change. It’s just somebody called.

But there’s hope behind that call, right?

We have to be able to manufacture and keep that hope and keep it strong and we’ve got to do it to help others.

There’s days you’re down and you need someone to give you a hand. There’s days I’m down, I need someone to give me a hand. We’ve got to be there with a hand and be there ready.

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Keep hope alive and you will get through this.

There’s two things that you must do and if you do these, you will get a job.

  1. If you keep on trying and
  2. you keep on learning, you will get a job.

Someone asked me, “Marcia, how many people that work with you get a job?” One hundred percent.

One, because we don’t abandon people, and two because I won’t let them stop trying.

We’ve got to keep trying and learning and that’s part of my job. Now, I can’t give you information today in specifics – and you see why now. But what I’ve decided to do – I’ve held off on this for so long – I’m relinquishing.

I’m going to start a newsletter. And that newsletter is going to be based on today’s presentation – what do we need to know and what’s happening.

What people need to know as they look for a job. I hope you go out to the webpage. It’s on every page.

Sign up for the newsletter and we’ll move forward. I wish you all the best.

Thank you.

Video – Global jobs crisis – Part 1

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