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Managing change in
the 2014-2020 Workplace – Examples

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Tacit decision makers.

Is this new to anybody?

Maybe you’ve seen “team player” and “works independently.”

Have you see that on a posting?

Did you ignore that? You can’t ignore these things because these are the things that are becoming more important and these are the words that you should have on your job information.

Key words include:

  • tacit decision maker
  • decisive
  • collaborative
  • inclusive
  • emotionally intelligent
  • Keep your cool no matter what

Different sets of words.

Sometimes we’re using the same words to mean something different.

We have to be aware of what’s going on.

Okay, did you know that the world is flat?

You know what that means when we say that the world is flat?

It really means that you can work from anywhere.

Now in your last job, how many people can work from anywhere? And yet we’re sitting here in this room. Your work could be done from anywhere.

I knew that my company paid for me to work at home and I lived three miles away. And that’s great because they saved money because they didn’t need a place for me at the office. Is it true?

Can we work from anywhere?

Let’s take a look. I Googled “work from anywhere.” (I Google everything.) And I found that in less than a second 414,000,000 hits came up from Google. That was pretty cool. Work from anywhere. Jobs, employment. Best paying jobs you can do from anywhere.

But the truth is …

what it really means is that work can be done anywhere but they might not send you to go do it there. There are some transitional kinds of work where someone says,” I want to work from Florida, I want to work from San Francisco.” And that’s fine. But we’ve sent a lot of work out, haven’t we? Because the work can be accomplished anywhere and the world is flat. Is the world already flat now?

Okay, is the workplace digital?

What does that mean? This is what we used to think about digital stuff at work – you know, people were upset.

Look at the digital No more banning of social networks at work; it was the wrong thing to be doing. But today, this is more like the case, isn’t it? Everybody’s doing social networking kinds of things at work.

How many of you have heard of “crowd sourcing?”

Oh. Have you gone online and you’re finished something and they ask you, “would you like to answer a couple of questions for us?” And based on what you’ve put in there — you’re being crowd-sourced. They’re asking the universe because they can get millions and millions of people to give them an answer. Like that. About what they’re looking for. And then you’ve been selected and you’re going to continue to be selected.

What about bloggers?

Used to be a bad word. You’re a blogger? You’re doing blogging now? Look bloggers, writers, social media specialists, bloggers, thought leaders, executive Blogging is where we are learning today. Want to learn something? Go find a blog that does whatever it is that you want to learn about.

What about Wikis?

Anybody have wikis at work? Work Wikis? It’s kind of like “groupthink” and what we think. I have my own opinion about wikis so far. It looks something like this (Wikipedia is accurate [citation] needed]). But we’re using Wikis everywhere. We just ask people what they think it means and we take the combined crowd-sourced definition of what we think it is.

Is the digital workplace here?

It’s about to be 2014. It was here in 2013. Was it here in 2012? This is not any kind of reflection on the people who wrote the book. They were doing the best they could with the information they had, but it’s hard here. Here’s another thing they said.

Mobile technology will be ubiquitous.

Are you familiar with the word ubiquitous? You should be. It means “everywhere.” Integrated into our system, integrated into our world and our life and it says mobile technology will allow us to be ubiquitously integrated into the internet. Anybody in here have a cellphone? Anybody not have a cellphone? So, the point is, is it already here? From mobile technology, it is. Hmm

The other three projections based on social networking: You know, when I left the last corporate job, if you had a friend at work, you got extra credit at year end because you had a friend at work. They want work to be more social because you’ll stay longer and be there longer. Which makes you wonder why they’re laying so many people off. But nonetheless.

Participation Society. Collaboration.

You know, before you leave our website would you just answer a couple questions? Crowd sourcing we’ve talked about And corporate responsibility There’s a new thing called social enterprise They’re asking for recognition from the government and lobbying for it They’re not for-profits and they’re not non-profits

They are business entities that believe there’s something more than making a dollar. And that one should be giving back to the community and there’s a lot of this going on. Kind of an interesting concept. Looking for that.

Social enterprises.

Companies with a philanthropic arm, and interestingly enough with their leadership training they are sending young people all over the globe and saying, “integrate into this place and bring value. Figure out how to help these people because in five years we’re going to want to open a business here.” And that’s one of the ways that they’re giving back.

Video 4 Global jobs crisis: The exponential change of technology

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