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August 2019:

  • Preview
  • Landing Page
  • Education and the Speed of Oranizational Change:
    • Degrees that no longer fit job requirements.
    • Shifts in educational funding.
    • Obsolete degree programs.
    • Changes in the perception of degrees in IT.
  • Demographics:
    • Impact of immigration on employment.
    • Boomers are working longer; a challenge to GenX.
    • New industry hiring 38% of the workforce.
  • Fiscal Policy and how to control your cashflow:
    • Change in the unemployment rate – and jobs are still hard to find.
    • Interest rate cuts – how to make the most of them.
    • US Trade sanctions and global trade slowdown.

July 2019:

  • About the Guide
  • July Landing Page
  • Globalization & Offshoring:
    • Sanctions with China, Iran, Syria, Venezuala, Russia…etc.
    • Costs of good. Cost of living increase?
    • Changes in US Foreign Policy and the effect on employment.
  • Technology, AI & Robotics:
    • Impact of 5G technologies.
    • Data collection, IoT, VR, Cyber-Security
    • Mergers & Acquisitions.
    • New ‘edge’ technology.
  • Disruptive Business Models:
    • Career opportunities from disruptive business models.
    • Merger & Acquisition Cycle.
    • How to handle an M&A to benefit your career.