GSCG: Preview August 2019

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This issue includes updates on:

  • Education and the Speed of Organizational Change
  • Demographics, especially with regard to population
  • Financial Resilience or Flexibility to control your cash flow and quality of life

Highlights in this issue:

Education and the Speed of Organizational Change:

  • The growing gap between job requirements and the degrees and certifications that colleges and universities are offering.
  • Shifts in government funding in education to “opportunity zones.” If you are a teacher, this is an important change.
  • Specific degrees are becoming obsolete in the employment world. Do you have one of them? Are you currently in one of these degree programs?
  • Especially in IT, four-year college programs are less and less meaningful to potential employers. Here are ways to manage new needs by employers to remain relevant.


  • Immigration and its impact on employment.
  • Boomers are working longer which has a domino effect for GenX-ers who want to move their career forward.
  • A surprising regarding the one industry hiring 38% of the US workforce, offering both opportunities and growth potential. This industry is has a unique approach to identify a diverse set of candidates.

Fiscal Policy and how you can control your cash-flow:

  • The unemployment rate and why jobs are still hard to get.
  • The interest rate cuts and how you can make the most of it.
  • US Trade sanctions and the global trade slowdown: what does it mean for us in the short-term and the long-term?

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