GSCG. The Career Management Life-Cycle

Many people are not aware that there is a life-cycle to their jobsearch. However, when people are asked about their past career, by mid-career, most people can outline at least three distinct circumstances:
  • Times when they were actively looking for their next career move. This includes the jobsearch.
  • Periods of preparation, such as course work and certifications,
  • Stages when their career was experiencing steady growth. This includes starting a new position or taking on new responsibilities.
These three situations define the Career Management Life-Cycle. They were less evident and even non-existent until around ten years ago. The Great Recession brought about a paradigm shift in employment structures; companies were forced to adapt to new conditions and find new ways to manage their talent pools. Inevitably, jobs became subject to new levels of uncertainty.

Change is now happening so quickly that developing new skills in current employees is almost impossible. There isn’t time. When a new skill-set is needed, many companies will lay off some employees and hire others who already have the needed skills.

Today, with the average time in a new position being two or three years, these stages are clear. By following the actions suggested in this Career Guide, you will be able to manage your career to achieve your goals, reduce your stress, and take more control of your future.

We have defined three time investment levels based on your current position in your Career Life-Cycle:
  • Gold Standard Investment: for those people who are actively seeking their next career move, including jobseekers,
  • Silver Level Investment: for people who are preparing for their next move, and/or investing in additional training, coursework and, certifications,
  • Bronze Level Investment: for people who have started a new job, or have new responsibilities in their current employment.
In each issue of the Gold Standard Career Guide, you will find suggested actions. You can manage your time committment based on your current situation in your Career Life-Cycle.

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