Gold Standard Career Guide – Welcome

We are on a mission! It’s called:

Career Resilience!

We want to help you protect your income. What if you knew what to do to protect your livelihood as technology increases and removes your control in the hiring process.

What if you could take quarterly, reasonable actions to stay ahead of the continuous changes that threaten your income?

Let me ask you:

  • Are you concerned that your current job may not last?
  • Have you found yourself in three jobs in five years or less?
  • Are you experiencing the “labor-on-demand” workforce …short-term contracts.
  • Did you know that you are expected to change jobs every two to three years.

On the other hand:

  • What if you knew what to do to ensure that you had a job and an income?
  • Would you like that?

That’s our mission.
Technology is changing the hiring and employment landscape so quickly that a book won’t help. That’s why we created the Gold Standard Career Guide.

The Gold Standard Career Guide is published twice every quarter to keep you up to date with:

  • What jobs are going?
  • What jobs are coming?
  • What questions should you ask?
  • What you should be doing?


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