Most firms are now experiencing a talent shortage. And this is leading to unfilled vacancies, rising recruitment costs, greater employee turnover and disengaged and demotivated staff.

Finding and hiring the right people for your business is tough. The process doesn’t start when the job description is finalized, nor end when the appointment is made.

An effective hiring process begins before the job description is even written. It finds, secures, motivates and develops the people who will make or break your business.

Recruiters cannot and will not and remedy weaknesses in this process. It’s not their job.

If your business struggles to attract and retain the right people, it is almost certain that your recruitment process is broken.

We can fix this.

We help HR and leadership teams identify the shortcomings in their staffing processes. Then we remedy these through a combination of consulting, coaching and process redesign.

We’ve done this for all types of organization in diverse sectors. And all of them have put an end to their people problems.

If you’d like to find out more about how Forward Motion can make your hiring problems a thing of the past, contact us now.

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