Beating Double Jeopardy!

Jobseekers experience a DOUBLE WHAMMY

Double Whammy
You’ve been laid off. A real blow to your self-esteem. You don’t think things can get any worse. Think again. There’s another disaster just around the corner, and it’s going to hit twice as hard as your layoff experience.

Everything you thought you knew about job-hunting is obsolete. The employment landscape has changed.

  • Decision makers are shielded by layers of technology designed to filter out only the most sophisticated job-seekers.
  • Where there used to be X number of applicants for every job, now there are XXX.
  • Qualified mid-career candidates push from the top while thousands of fresh college grads push from below.

If you haven’t already, you’re going to feel the squeeze.

Debilitating lies:
Lie No. 1: You were laid off because you failed at your job.
Businesses are scrambling to stay afloat for many reasons. If you were laid off, it is highly unlikely that it was your fault.

Lie No. 2: If you don’t have a job yet, you have failed again. 
The hiring process has become an industry unto itself for reasons that are completely separate from the jobseeker.

The reality:
It’s as if your broken-down car is beyond repair. You have to build a new one—from scratch; and you have to manage every detail. IF you get through the inspections (the online systems), you park in the sales lot and hiring professionals screen your handiwork. You may get a test drive—the interview; maybe a 30, 60, or 90-day trial—a temp offer. Finally, you may get the job.

The solution:
Would you try to put a car together from scratch, perfectly? How long would it take and what would it cost?

Jobseekers who are looking for employment without professional help are doing just that. It may take them years to figure it out and the longer they are unemployed, the harder it will become. That is a failure loop.

Find professional help:

  • Professional help should include a comprehensive program with the following:
    • A proven method to get through the online systems.
    • A process to differentiate your applicaiton through the cover letter and résumé.
    • An interview strategy.
    • A networking program that is up to date with social media.
    • An evaluation process to create a consistent online image.
  • If you are serious about getting a job, add a professional job coach to your team.

Consider Forward Motion:
Forward Motion can help get you hired in a position that fits your talents and aspirations. We’ll show you how to get your résumé in front of the right people and position yourself to stand out amidst all the other candidates.

It’s about results:
Seventy-six percent of mid-career job-seekers who follow our Mid-Career Premier Program find employment in 68 days, on average.

Ninety-four percent of recent grads who followed the Early-Career Premier Program found employment in 45 days, on average.

There is no shame if you have been laid off, or if you are a recent grad and haven’t found a job. The shame is that so many people wait to get help. Don’t wait. Call today: (860) 833-4072.

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