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 JOB SECURITY: The New Rules for 2014

Job security is the number one hope of almost every job seeker I work with. Yet, as hiring practices rapidly change, the new rules are going to be critical to landing and keeping a job.

Be Aware: 4 Hiring Practices Set to Increase in 2014

This author gives some interesting stats on her expectations for 2014. It will be interesting to see if they are met. I’m taking a different view, but it’s important to see both sides.


New Year’s Resolution: Improving Your Hiring Practices in 2014!

I thought you might like to look at the process from “the other side.” This article is from an HR perspective and lists six HR goals for hiring. They might surprise you. I especially appreciated the fifth bullet!


6 Interview Tips and Tricks for 2014

This article from the Business Daily News makes some interesting points and some excellent reminders.

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