Dr. LaReau has spent decades talking to employees, managers, human resource professionals and CXOs. She has acquired radical insights into new technologies and how they disrupt businesses and distract employees. Company culture has been a critical focus as she listened carefully to countless conversations with people from every side of the situation.

She understands the concerns facing businesses today.

Her presentation style is unconventional, sometimes hilarious, sometimes radical… as she enables all stakeholders to see the situation as a whole—while presenting reasonable actions to engage effectively and craft hope for the future.

New technologies such as 5G, AI, Big Data and Predictive Analytics are presenting new challenges in the work environment. Multiple generations in the workforce and conflicting expectations are reducing productivity. Understanding the new world of work is becoming a critical hurdle that businesses must master if they are going to succeed.

Presentations & Workshops

Motivating Millennials: Millenials are the most misunderstood demographic in the workforce and they are growing in number and rising through organizational structures. This presentation unpicks the myths about them and equips you to develop their unique potential. For leaders, managers, employee assistance professionals and those engaged with the Millennial population.

HCD: The High Definition Communication (Workshop):

Most communication presentations focus on individual style and adaptation. Dr. LaReau takes “personality” and “personal style” out of the equation and directly educates participants on how they manage information. That’s what happens at work. Once participants understand how they manage information, they are given two techniques to clarify 1) what kind of information is needed within a conversation and 2) how to respond to meet the needs of the listener. It’s clean, clear, and eradicates the guesswork from business communications.

Ultimate Career Management:

For a company-wide audience, this presentation is designed to motivate employees to daily engagement on behalf of the company while simultaneously proactively managing their own career and enhancing their future job security

Hire Right: Unleashing the value of big data and AI:

New technologies are now available, and they impact businesses through their ability to source, select, and interview candidates. Identifying your “Gold Standard” for employee positions is key to utilizing new hiring technologies to your advantage.

New changes to the hiring process you won’t believe: Designed for those facing a potential layoff, business associations, and trade organizations, this presentation brings career-minded professionals up to date on today’s hiring processes and what they should be doing to be selected as a choice candidate for future positions.

Why getting laid off could be the best thing that ever happened to you:

A presentation for employees before they are laid off, to present a positive view of the company, their situation and the next steps to “leave well,” create goodwill, and launch a successful job search.

Forward Motion Differentiation Workshop:

This workshop will change how employees apply for internal jobs and prepare those facing layoffs to land on their feet. It protects and enhances employee good-will within the company. The workshop shows how participants can identify jobs that are a natural fit for them, present their credentials effectively, differentiate themselves to human resource professionals, hiring managers, and final approvers, and encourages their positive self-belief about their value to employers.