Preview 1: The Ultimate Job Search Video Set

Set of 11 online videos.

At my Ultimate Job Search seminar I reveal to jobseekers the secrets of the new way hiring processes work. These have changed beyond recognition in the last few years. And if you don’t know how the rules have changed, you will not get hired. It really is as simple as that.

Here’s a sample:



If you are:

  • Struggling to find jobs for your skills
  • Sending out your resume but not getting interviews
  • A graduate job seeker looking for your first proper job
  • Getting interviews but not job offers

Then, The Ultimate Job Search provides you with the things you must know. The things you must do. And the things you mustn’t do too!

I just cannot get face to face with every job seeker I would like to. Many people have asked me to make these sessions available on video and so I have. I’ve recorded the complete seminar content in this series of 11 videos. Nothing is left out.

You’ll get all my tips and best practices in easy to digest sections so you can absorb and apply them to your own job search.

You can view and review in your own time at your own pace. Better still, the video format means I can pass this information on to more people more cost-effectively.
And that saves both of us time and money.

Many jobseekers tell me that this information transformed their results and they found their perfect job because of the methods they had learned from the Ultimate Job Search seminar.

And I am confident that it will help to transform your job search too.