Accelerated Career Redesign (Personal Program)


Redesign your future.
(3 sessions)

This program consists of three, 90-minute interactive sessions led by Dr. LaReau. This version is for individuals and includes support and feedback on assignments.

Session 1 focuses on your values, attributes, transferrable skillsets, and your optimal work environment. By the second session, participants should identify which skills can be used in the current job market.

Session 2 superimposes areas of interest to identify potential roles that use the transferrable skills and where there is the income potential to meet your financial need.

Session 3 matches the results of Sessions 1 and 2 to identify positions where participants are qualified to apply. Resume content will be considered to ensure credible qualifications for the new position.

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Fast-track your way to a new career path that is aligned with today’s jobs market.

We will help you pivot your career to a new direction in 3 guided sessions.

Careers often follow a single path with increasing responsibilities that often transition from individual contributor to staff management and then on to executive strategic positions. Sometimes, these paths lead to places that aren’t the right fit and with responsibilities that don’t match our natural skill sets. We find ourselves in a place we don’t really want to be.

Other people find themselves in jobs that are no longer needed. Technology has eliminated positions that can now be accomplished by automated systems. A change in career is an imperative.

But changing career paths can be difficult.

Previous experience can be hard to repurpose. Our accomplishments may have no apparent value for the new career we want. And many people simply don’t know what direction to take based on their past career history. Even if a cut in income can be considered, starting over in a new career isn’t feasible from several perspectives: 1) younger workers will likely be preferred; 2) beginning salaries won’t pay the bills, 3) being over-qualified for the position will likely eliminate you from consideration.

Consequently, many people flounder. It can take years to successfully switch career tracks, and many people simply don’t have those years left in their career.

The simple fact is that employers seek people who chose at the start of their careers to pursue one path and have stuck with it ever since. This fact makes it difficult for anyone to switch. And the bigger the change, the harder it is to make.

Forward Motion has enabled hundreds of people to make this change faster and more easily. They’ve successfully transitioned from jobs and careers that that are no longer available; or jobs they no longer wanted, to ones that they enjoy, utilize their skills, and where they receive a stable salary.

This accumulated experience is embodied in the FM Career Redirect Program. This program is different from other programs because we set your new direction in parallel to the current jobs market to ensure you have a future after you change careers.

It equips you with new insights into your own strengths and weaknesses. And it enables you to identify new pathways that you may have taken for granted. Finally, it provides you with the step by step actions you need to take to find your way to your next career.

The Career Redirect Program shows you how to identify jobs where you can qualify yourself to a new set of employers.

This is a fast-track program. All programs are to be completed within three weeks of commencement, preferably within two weeks.

Program Outline:

Dr. LaReau leads participants through three 90-minute sessions:

Session 1:

  • Identification of your values, attributes, transferrable skill sets (that are currently in demand)
  • Identify your optimal work environment.
  • List those skills that are currently needed by employers.
  • Benefit:

    • Identify which of your skills can be used in the current market.

Session 2:

  • Superimpose areas of interest to identify potential roles that:
    • Utilize your transferrable skills
    • Has the income potential to meet your financial needs
  • Identify other potential roles, where a reasonable amount of training (both time and cost) would qualify you to a potential employer.
  • Benefit:

    • Identify job types for consideration
    • Determine your market value (salary), for your future options
    • Eliminate directions where you are unlikely to be seriously considered as a potential candidate.

Session 3:

  • Identify positions where you are qualified to apply.
  • Create resume content that demonstrates credible qualifications for the new position.
  • Identify and manage requirements that you may not have or that can be acquired in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.
  • Benefit:

    • You are ready to rewrite your resume to apply for positions in your new career direction.

This Program is personal and highly customized.

Following the completion of the program, participants may choose to work individually with Dr. LaReau at an hourly rate.

NOTE: The purpose of this program is to identify new career directions. Principles of résumé writing may be discussed, however, actual résumé design and construction in your new career direction is not part of this program.