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WHO is this for?

New technologies are changing the hiring process that employers use to find, rank and select new employees. This revolutionary course is designed to align your jobsearch with these new technologies and get you hired.

The growth of online application tools, social media and Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean that a good resume, relevant qualifications and experience alone are no longer enough to get you hired. This is because digital and social media and AI create completely new ways in which recruiters and HR teams find and select the people they want to hire.

This unique cutting-edge program is designed to utilize social media techniques to appeal to and attract hiring entities by promoting your credentials as the gold standard they are seeking.

If you cannot figure out why you are not getting interviews or even responses from jobs you apply for, this program will change that. Permanently.

WHAT does it do?

This program is not just about what you should do. It actually helps you do it. As a participant, you will discover entirely new ways that you can tap into and exploit the changes that are happening. You will:

  • Learn how to become a visible expert in your field
  • Acquire a team of active supporters who will help push your profile online
  • Gain social media exposure that elevates your professional profile

HOW Does it do this?

The program comprises six initial sessions with everyone. Each is about 1 hour long. Essentially, we will set up your profiles to demonstrate you are “The Gold Standard” that recruiters are looking for in your industry/job role. Then we activate strategies which will progressively elevate your profile, status and visibility online.

As additional groups are started, the connectivity with other “Gold Standard” participants will expand. 


  • Part 1: Identifying your Gold Standard Identification
  • Part 2: Optimising your LinkedIn Profile
  • Part 3: Integration of your GS ID across relevant social media platforms based on sector and industry 
  • Part 4: Managing your career trajectory in a diligent, weekly, reasonable schedule

The program lasts five weeks, during which the program leader will monitor the activity, progress and be available to help and share updates. 


  • Computer and Internet connectivity.
  • Attendance at the meetings.
  • Time commitment of about 1 hour per day, more would be helpful.
  • During the initial two weeks, participation and keeping up will be critical. 
  • Participation in reporting and updating the group with successes and concerns.
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