Forward Motion Services

Forward Motion works with both jobseekers and employers to ensure business and career success.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Forward Motion Services are offered through online venues until later notice.

Employment & Résumé Workshops

These workshops are for early and mid-career jobseekers and provide the latest information regarding current hiring practices. They are offered in face-to-face workshops, as webinars, and privately in one-to-one settings.

  • Differentiation – Workshops & Webinars

    Additional support is offered on an hourly basis and may include coaching on the use of LinkedIn, working with recruiters, targeted networking projects, presentation preparation, and contract negotiation. A few specific services are listed below.

    Jobseeker Programs:

    We have a history of helping jobseekers across all stages of their career— entry-level, mid-career, executives and those seeking to re-invent themselves no matter what stage they are in.

    Our process delivers work that is satisfying, sustainable and meets your financial needs. We use technology to create virtual meeting rooms with clients wherever they are.

    Early-Career Assistance (Including Grads)

    Early career clients are within four years of graduation from college and are still establishing their career identity. The Differentiation Workshop is foundational to launching an early-career job search. Additional services are listed below.

    Mid-Career Assistance

    Executive Services

    Résumé Services

    Business Communication Presentations, Masterclasses, & Workshops:

    When communication fails, the business fails. Today, more than ever before, businesses that want to thrive must embrace a global, technology-driven commerce that draws from dynamic, collaborative, participatory, team partnerships. This new paradigm relies on clear, open communication.

    Forward Motion delivers interactive communication workshops to teams, supervisors, managers, sales staff, executives, and C-Suites. Follow-up coaching is available on a team or individual basis.


    For additional information on motivational presentations for your business, trade organization, association, or job group, please Contact Us.

    Layoff Support

    Please click here to learn how your business can manage layoffs and create good-will with those being outsourced.

    Hiring Support

    For more information about how Forward Motion can help your business find and hire the right people to move your business forward, click here.

    Call Marcia LaReau directly at (860) 833-4072

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