Career Re-invention

The Career Re-invention program is administered to career changers and
begins with the creation of a success map.

In a two-hour exercise facilitated by Dr. Marcia LaReau, you will discuss the successes throughout your life. This includes all prior employment, however, it is not limited to your work life.

If possible and comfortable, spouses are encouraged to attend this session. Their perspective is different and they bring additional value and dimension to the process.

Following this session, you and Dr. LaReau will thoroughly analyze the information to identify:

  • your core values,
  • attributes,
  • sets of skills,
  • and the optimum work environment.

Through this process, you and Dr. LaReau will construct your success map.
Upon completion, Dr. LaReau will evaluate your findings as they apply to today’s job market. Then you and Dr. LaReau meet to validate the findings and discuss possibilities for your next step.

This process is designed to guide you through a shift in your self-perception, manage doubts and bring definition about your optimum employment situation.

We take much of our identity from our occupational successes, so to successfully change careers, it is necessary to change the way you think about yourself.

It doesn’t replace current perceptions but adds significant dimension to them. The confirmation of a new or fuller identity is a major step in the process.

Through successive meetings and discussion, you will:

  • identify new directions,
  • assess the potential risks of each,
  • and equip you to maximize your success,
  • prioritize new possibilities and
  • reduce the time it takes to arrive at the next step.

Cost: $2,000. (Six sessions)

This cost includes the Career Re-Invention process of six sessions. It does not include support to move to the next step, such as résumé preparation, etc.

For a free consultation and to learn more about Career Re-Invention, contact Dr. Marcia LaReau at (860) 833-4072.

These services may be tax-deductible.


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