Differentiation Group Workshop

A face-to-face workshop held at 699 Bloomfield Ave. (FM Conference Room) in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

A maximum of five people may attend the workshop which is customized to the backgrounds and industries of the participants.

Learn three critical strategies:

  • Communication Essentials: How to appeal to HR and recruiters beyond your skills, education, and experience (since everyone has those!), and make yourself effective and memorable in print and in person.
  • Job Application Essentials: Understand the filters so you can beat the on-line application systems.
  • Learn how to prepare your cover letter and résumé to appeal to hiring professionals and get interviews.

What you get:

  • Participant Guide outlining the content of the workshop.
  • The Gregorc Style Delineator
  • Tools and Templates for your job search

Workshops are scheduled to accommodate the participants and generally are given in two, 2-hour sessions.
Workshops are held at 699 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, CT. Lower level.

Price: $375


DATES: Workshops are forming weekly.
For more information call Dr. Marcia LaReau: (860) 833-4072

More Details

We use a Microsoft Word document as a template for both cover letter and résumé. You will need access to that program for PC or Mac, to work with the FM Template. We do not recommend the Open Office or iWork Pages application for this process. Computers at local libraries are usually equipped with the Microsoft Word program.

How it works: Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time. You need a pencil or pen, and we suggest that you bring a beverage and light snack.

NOTE: Cancellations after the close of registration will incur a $50 Materials charge.
Association discounts do not apply to this item.


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