Differentiation – Workshops & Webinars

Success in your job search rests on three critical factors.

 Finding jobs that are a good fit.

 Getting your information through the online filtering systems.

 Differentiating your cover letter and résumé.

Critical factors are at the heart of the Forward Motion Employment Program.

  • Participants learn how they manage information through a unique Style Delineator. (Learn how to apply this information to their job search)
  • Use it to identify opportunities that are a good fit.
    (This maximizes your success, once you start your new job.)
  • And apply their unique attributes to the Forward Motion Cover Letter and Résumé model (use to apply for positions through the online processes required by most hiring entities)
  • Especially important, job-seekers learn about the filtering systems inside the application software that are used to reduce the number of potential candidates and how to maximize their success in getting through those systems.

The Forward Motion Employment Program is offered in groups, in private, and for early career and mid-career participants.

The FMC – Differentiation Program  | Available in the following formats:
  • Webinar
    If you are part of a group (from 2 to 25 participants), and would like to schedule a webinar, please call (860) 833-4072. Discounts are available depending on the size of the group.
  • Private 1 on 1
    This workshop is offered in person (Bloomfield, CT) or through Go-to-Meeting technology to anywhere there is a computer, tablet, or other device and an internet connection.


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