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The world of executive recruitment has been transformed. It happened when you were in your last job. I understand that you may not have noticed… It wouldn’t have been a high priority.

But perhaps you realized that:

  • Your network isn’t quite as valuable as you expected;
  • Your sector is contracting or restructuring;
  • The right jobs for your expertise seem hard to find, or non-existent.

Despite an exceptional career record, a great resume and an energetic search, that next job just hasn’t materialized.

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I can help you solve this problem. The truth is that great senior executive jobs are still out there and people are still being hired for them every day.

It’s just that selection processes and procedures have undergone a silent revolution. And if you don’t know the new rules of the game, your score will be….zero.

I have made it my business to be at the forefront of understanding how executive recruitment is transforming, where the jobs are, who’s hiring and most importantly, HOW they are hiring.

This information isn’t on the Internet. It’s not in books and videos. Because it has to be customized for you. It has to be as unique as you are.

This is how I get my executive clients hired into great jobs faster than they ever thought possible. I do it by:

  • Working one on one with you;
  • Developing a solution which is as unique as you are;
  • Providing you with the data, tools and knowledge to succeed.

It’s important to act with urgency.

Essentially with every month that passes, perceptions of your value to employers are diminished. You and I both know this is nonsense, but it is today’s reality.

So if you are serious about securing that next executive role before you become truly redundant, call me now.

There is no charge for the initial consultation. And I’ll be delighted to discuss how I can meet your requirements in more detail.

Call me now : (860) 833-4072

I believe that every month you go without a pay check is a catastrophe. Let’s get it back fast!

All sessions are private and confidential.

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