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The Forward Motion Differentiation Workshop may be all you need to ensure you get hired fast and get your career back on track.

Whether you are a frustrated jobseeker or simply looking for a new role that better suits your aspirations, this is for you.

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It’s easier and faster than you would ever believe. Here’s why:

You haven’t done anything wrong.

We used to think that when a person was laid off it was because they were poor employees or perhaps they did something unethical…but today…

Companies are laying people off because of their bottom line. Short-term thinking leads to all sorts of hasty decisions in attempts to create higher revenues. Again, this isn’t your fault.

Everything has changed:

Jobseekers used to be able to handle a job change by themselves. Not anymore.

Since the Great Recession, a whole new industry has formed around hiring. And this industry has changed everything about how people get selected for jobs.

Current hiring processes now involve sophisticated screening technology. These are called Applicant Tracking Systems or simply ATS and they screen out thousands of great people from selection everyday,

And everyone is vulnerable to elimination by these new hiring processes. Including people with great resumes, suitable skills and relevant experience. This means you have to know and play by the new rules if you are to succeed and get hired.

The solution that will work for YOU!

That’s why I developed a unique solution to enable people to excel and succeed in today’s job search. A solution that enables you to apply these new rules to your advantage.

If you want to get hired fast, there’s really nothing else that compares.

What I will show you cannot be found in books or online.

The results speak for themselves. My process gets people through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) at least 96% of the time!

It distinguishes you from every other applicant – to HR people, recruiters, hiring managers, executives, and the final decision makers.

If your job search is proving difficult, this will transform your prospects. I know this because it has proven effective time after time with hundreds of people.

Our process is time-tested and is updated every three months to incorporate the latest changes made by the recruitment industry.

To reduce the cost to the jobseeker, this workshop is offered one-to-one, in small groups, and through online webinars.

This has helped 100s of jobseekers get hired fast!

For many jobseekers, this workshop is usually all they need to get hired. And that’s usually faster than they ever thought possible.

If you really want to succeed in your job search, all you need to do is join the Forward Motion Differentiation Workshop.

PS Remember, on average the workshop gets alumni through screening on average 96% of the time!

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