Forward Motion Résumé Workshop

Are you struggling to change jobs or get hired?

You’re not alone. The pandemic has resulted in many more people competing for every job.
It’s more about how well you understand the hiring processes and invisible technologies which determine who is selected and who is ignored.

It’s hardly surprising that very few jobseekers possess this inside knowledge. The same person who would hire a lawyer or a realtor doesn’t look for a specialist when it comes to finding employment.

Without this specialized knowledge, today, it’s almost impossible to create a résumé that will get you hired.
So you can choose to send out hundreds of job applications, getting tired and frustrated while hoping to get lucky.

Or you can choose to play it smart…
After completing this workshop, your resume will be fine-tuned to secure job interviews for your preferred roles.

Here’s why:
Most applicants are rejected because their resume is never seen by hiring professionals.
FACT: An effective resume today must get past the computer algorithms which are used to pre-screen applicants.
FACT: If you don’t know how to do this, you won’t get interviews. If you do know how, you will. It really is that simple.
FACT: Today, almost no-one can write a resume that gets them interviews without help.

Most resume tips are out of date and even just wrong.
In fact, many are now downright detrimental.
How many times have you heard that a resume should be two pages maximum? FALSE
How many times have you been told not to include tables? FALSE
How many times have you been told that our resume should begin with a personal objective or summary statement? FALSE

Don’t let this happen to you:
Most people applying for jobs are capable of doing the job never get called to an interview.
They become worn out and disillusioned from sending out so many applications.
They become despondent, feel invisible, and their self-esteem crumbles away.

You can change this today:
Your resume is the key to getting the job you really want.
The job where you can grow and excel.
The job which will reward you for your experience and expertise.

You’ll be in safe and expert hands
Marcia LaReau is recognized as a leading authority on job search.
She knows exactly how today’s software ranks and scores resumes.
She’s helped hundreds of jobseekers at all levels get hired into jobs where they can grow and excel.

In just 2.5 hours, Marcia will show you the changes to your resume that will land you interviews.
In just 2.5 hours, Marcia will show you how to design your resume to land interviews.

This workshop is presented live by Dr. Marcia LaReau. She will help you find the right format and show you the process to ensure your résumé will move smoothly through the online filters. That’s the first step.

Hiring professionals need a sequence of information to pass you forward to the hiring manager. This workshop walks you through the process to ensure your readers find what they need, right when they need it.

This workshop will give you everything you need to revitalise your resume and start getting interviews.

During the workshop, Dr. Marcia LaReau will show you a simple step-by-step process to create an effective résumé. Following the session, you’ll receive formatted templates so you can quickly move forward.

Each participant will receive PDF files via email, including the slide deck and eight handouts. These are designed to minimize the need to take notes. Participants may schedule one-on-one assistance following the workshop.

Don’t waste your time and energy applying for jobs with a resume that doesn’t work.
Sign up today and start experiencing the success you deserve with your jobsearch.

Notes for attendees:
Workshops are given virtually and scheduled to meet the needs of the participants.


  • Computer and Internet connectivity.
  • Printout of the Participant Guide and Handout files.

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Price: $200.00