Number 1!!!! Success Factor for Job Seekers

As the job search wears on, it understandably wears us down! Many people lower their expectations when their efforts to find a job are unsuccessful. It’s not uncommon to hear mid-career jobseekers say, “I can’t even get an entry-level position!” That’s true—of course not! It would be very costly for a business to hire people and have to replace them as soon as they found a better opportunity.

The number one success factor for finding a job is to apply for positions that are truly a great fit—positions that you will find enjoyable and exciting. Employment that is a good fit is satisfying, sustainable, and meets your financial needs.

Why? When you are excited about a job it comes across in your paperwork and your interview. Something remarkable happens. Excitement is generated and in some unexplainable way, it changes how you write and how you present yourself. HR Professionals are the best in discerning whether a person is excited about a job—and they look for that!

So the next question is, “How?”

  1. Remember that this isn’t a numbers game—it’s about craft and skill!
  2. Your search parameters should be more than just a title (e.g. Business Analyst). There are no standard job titles in the industry.
  3. Carefully evaluate the position description and the job requirements and ask these questions:
    • Does it match your values? (Will it be meaningful work?)
    • Does it match your attributes? (Will your personal character bring value?)
    • Do you have the skills/background needed? (Will you enjoy your day-to-day work activities?)
    • Is it in an environment where you can be productive? (Will you be able to function in the workplace?)
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