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Early Career Testimonials

The early career jobseeker has some challenges never before seen in our recent history. Many have worked hard to earn degrees to find out that their degree is no longer credible to a future employer. That’s why we have the Career Definition program. We help early career jobseekers to identify potential career tracks that utilize their skills and match their values. We lead and guide them through the hiring process with the preparation of cover letters, résumés, interviews, and networking. We teach them how to manage their career, not just find a job.

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“Marcia is incredible, it’s hard to know where to even begin. Her knowledge of the career search goes well beyond what you can find on your own. She had done a vast amount of research in this arena, and she is an absolute expert.


“From teaching the tools needed to craft resumes and cover letters in a way that jump out to prospective employers to helping with interview skills, she has a way to make you showcase your best self.

“Accolades aside, here’s what she did for me. I came to Marcia as an early career professional. I felt that I had gone down a path in my career was stagnating and I would not have any opportunities to move vertically in my career. I applied for jobs and received no responses. Then I met Marcia. She helped me use a calculated approach to the job search that completely changed everything. We went through the skills I had and the things that I have done and found that I have much more overlap in my prospective career and past career. We used this overlap to position myself in a way that showed my value to my prospective employers. When accepted the offer with my current company, I was in the interview process with 5 other companies. Before I met Marcia, I couldn’t even get a call back!

“Besides all that, Marcia is completely devoted to her clients. It’s obvious that she cares about your success much more than she would if it were a job for her. She clearly has a personal stake in the success of her clients. Working with Marcia is like working with a winning team.

“If you are not confident about your approach to your job search in any aspect, Marcia in an invaluable resource and you would be shooting yourself in the foot not to meet with her!”
Phil G. Energy Engineer. Rocky Hill, CT


“I highly recommend Dr. LaReau’s program. As a recent college graduate, I found myself unhappy in my first “real” job. I was very frustrated and I was not sure how to get
out of my situation. I decided to take Dr. LaReau’s career workshop, and I am so thankful that I did. During her informative workshop, I learned how to successfully navigate the current job market and find a career that was right for me. But more importantly, I learned so much about myself.


“Dr. LaReau supplied me with the skills necessary to know what type of job would make me happy. Because of her, I was able to find a job that I love within 2 weeks! Dr. LaReau’s approach is insightful and effective, and her wisdom is vital to a college graduate during these harsh economic times. I highly recommend Forward Motion, LLC.”

Ashley P. Storrs, CT.


“The workshop was a fabulous eye-opening experience as I learned how to effectively respond in my cover letters and resume and in face-to-face interviews.


“The practical real-life examples were so helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend the personal coaching sessions. Thanks to the training I am now in a job that is a terrific match.”
Jessica M. Paralegal. Hartford, CT.


“My new resume brought interviews from the corporate sector. The presentation of my credentials gave me a great salary.”
Boris M. Graphic Designer. Hartford, CT


“During a company reorganization, I received guidance that enabled me to see the value of what I can offer and just as important, showed me how to communicate my talents to others.”

Jacob G. Curriculum Writer. San Francisco, CA.


Mid & Latter Career Testimonials

Today in the United States, mid and latter career jobseekers are riding a tidal wave of change. Technologies have taken over part of the hiring process. Past experience is no longer valued by future employers. At Forward Motion, we assist mid and latter-career jobseekers to re-evaluate their skills, identify opportunities in the job market, and either continue their career or transition into alternative career paths. We teach these jobseekers how to manage and bring their career to closure without regrets.

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“Marcia is an expert at her trade. Her knowledge of online application systems is spot-on. When I switched to her resume template & format, I started receiving interview requests that very day!

“She blends years of HR experience with modern research and continuous communications with current hiring authorities to bring together an amazing product/service: the Forward Motion workshop.

“If you are tired of reading blog after blog about how to get a job, but are not seeing results, consider working with Marcia: she will be with you throughout the entire process. I 100% recommend her services.”
Jesse R. IT Project Manager. Marshfield, WI


Dr. LaReau is a genuine expert in her numerous fields of experience, as well as a genuine person in how she communicates and interacts with her clients. I found her to be warm and easy to connect with, while being simultaneously highly professional and keenly insightful about what makes both people and businesses tick.

“I engaged Dr. LaReau’s services at a time of dramatic shifts in my career path, as well as in my life. She really listened to my ideas, concerns, and goals, then guided me in developing a plan to move directly to my stated goals.

“I cannot recommend her highly enough to those seeking career guidance, as they move forward to what’s next.Forward Motion, indeed!”
Thomas M. Contract Administrator. Seattle, WA


“The Forward Motion training helped me write a professional resume and appropriate cover letter for a job application, and helped me understand how to make a positive impression on potential employers.”
Kait E. Nurse Midwife. Gainesville, FL


“After attending your “unemployed sessions” at JETS, I was able to land a permanent position and love coming to work everyday. The tools you have taught me and continue to learn from your LinkedIn messages have been so valuable in staying in this position. So please keep writing additional messages on LinkedIn so I can keep up with the latest and greatest in this world. Simply – thank you for all you do for so many!”
Sharon G. Technical Training Specialist. Hartford, CT


“I had the sincere pleasure of working with Marcia through Forward Motion.

“Marcia has found that perfect balance of compassion and constructive criticism. Her advice was practical, precise, and clear. And guess what — it worked!

“Marcia used her finely-tuned ear to hear what I was saying (and what I was not saying). She brought forward her expert knowledge gained through primary research with market-leading recruiters, and crafted a precise set of advice just for me.

“I enjoyed working with Marcia, and would happily recommend her to others in need of career advice.”
Doretta A. Non-profit Communications Officer. Hartford, CT


“My new resume brought three interviews in the first two weeks.I went to the interviews, prepared to respond to questions with confidence. Now I’m employed!”
Robin M. 8th Grade Reading Teacher. CT.


“The Forward Motion System brought more interviews than I got in two years.”
Brent J. Sr. Product Owner. Windsor, CT


Executive Testimonials

With the changes in employment philosophy, executives find themselves in the precarious situation of becoming obsolete every two to three years. Their personal income, career, their livelihood and their reputation are on the line. This requires a specific strategic approach and an understanding of potential changes in today’s jobs market. Forward Motion understands today’s jobs market and the hiring process. We use what we know to strategically craft a career plan for the executive jobseeker.

* * *

“The careful preparation enabled me to approach interviewing with confidence and a greater awareness of the importance of communication styles. Because of my Forward Motion training, I was able to quickly adapt my interview responses.”
Allan G. Information Technology. Stockton, CA


“For those of you who are looking to start your career, transitioning careers, or needing advice on your current career, please do yourself a favor and speak with Marcia. She simply is among the best.

“In addition to being well experienced in helping people with their career, she is extremely professional, thoughtful with a guided approach to helping you learn about who you are and what skills you have to bring to the table. As I relearned she learned and helped put together a “game plan” towards transitioning my career successfully.

“She takes the journey with you side by side as you explore options, go on interviews, providing feedback and asking insightful questions that help you traverse the job market. In addition, she has a proven method to help get your resume noticed by the right people and open doors.

“She has great experience working with people with a hands on, personable approach that I think is unique for every client. Her fees are very reasonable given the level of service, expertise and insights she provides. I have worked with a variety of people in my past in changing careers, but none have come close to the service Marcia provides. I have even referred family members to her and she helped them transition into new positions in short order. Simply put, she is Outstanding!”
Chad B. Managing Director. Chicago, IL

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