Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Do file extensions matter?

If you can’t get through the Applicant Tracking System, then it’s all over. It is common knowledge that these systems review your uploaded document and follow technical algorithms to determine whether your application will be accepted or rejected. Have you been KO’d by the ATS? (KO – Knocked Out. Originally…continue

Résumés: Fonts, an update…yet again…

Fonts… can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. They seem to give us control of certain aspects of our résumé handiwork that we didn’t have before computers. Wait…it’s hard to remember “before computers.” Font History and the ATS We have learned to leverage technology to appease our…continue

Why Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities No Longer Make the Cut

—Why your skills, knowledge and abilities will help you less and less. For decades hiring professionals have relied on knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs, also known as SKAs) to determine whether a candidate should be moved forward in the hiring process. Definitions: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: This article by Sharlyn…continue

How to find hope amidst catastrophic loss

A sure way to count your blessings is to look up “jobless horror stories” on the internet. Jobseekers know they could lose everything. That’s a little bit abstract and it doesn’t begin to tell the countless, heart-wrenching stories of honest, everyday people who lose their job, their dignity, their self-worth,…continue

How to Create a Reader-Based Cover Letter and Résumé

If you’ve been in the job search for very long you probably realize that with so many people looking for a job, expectations by the hiring community have skyrocketed. Times have changed and the do-it-yourself cover letter and résumé is not likely to fit the bill for most job-seekers. Today’s…continue