The Science of Hiring, Part 2: Cultural Fit and Productivity

Job Fit: Theory and Science Last week began a series of blogs on The Science of Hiring. Consider reading the article about Job Fit: it isn’t what you think. In Part 1, the concept of Job-Fit proved to have a different definition to jobseekers than it did to the hiring…continue

The Science of Hiring, Part 1: Job Fit

Job Fit: It isn’t what you think. “Job Fit” and “Cultural Fit” have become common terms in the hiring realm. Both terms may seem innately vague, however they are at the core of successful hiring processes. Both jobseekers and employees will find that a thorough understanding of these concepts from…continue

Résumés: Why the right keywords aren’t enough

Loading your résumé with keywords isn’t enough to get you an interview. Keywords on your résumé have taken the spotlight when it comes to penetrating the online systems. But they aren’t enough to get that all-important phone call. * * *John was meticulous when he prepared his résumé for a…continue

The Real Reason You Aren’t Getting Interviews

or…Why Hiring Professionals Ignore Your              Cover Letter and Résumé or… Who Reads What and When? Jobseekers routinely comb the Internet to find the best advice to apply to their Cover Letters and Résumés. There’s so much advice out there that it would take millions of jobseekers decades to try…continue

Résumé fonts and ATS
   – the facts!

Applicant Tracking Systems Font Facts Tech-savvy Jobseekers: Jobseekers are becoming some of the most tech-savvy individuals on the Internet. They are keenly aware that their future earnings are at the mercy of technology and they are making it a priority to understand every possible clue that will improve their odds…continue