Afraid social media will hurt your career?

It’s not generational! If you are concerned that your social media activity may hurt your career, consider listening to this short VLOG. Do you think it’s generational? Not so fast. This VLOG may help you decide. Also consider these links: Neil Patrick Career survival in the age of surveillance capitalism…continue

JOB SEEKER ALERT —You are being stalked!

Have you heard of Surveillance Capitalism? How about the fourth industrial revolution? This is where we are living…right now. According to Neil Patrick’s blog, Participate or Perish, we are now the most sought-after product in the universe. If you haven’t read his blog, I suggest you rearrange your calendar and…continue

Insights into the Food Industry with David Shapiro

An interview with David Shapiro Over the last few years, I’ve worked with several clients in the food industry. The lineup of roles includes line cook, sous chef, executive chef, front-of-the-house coordinator, house manager, floor manager, and club manager. David Shapiro has been in the food industry since 2009. He…continue