JOB SEEKER ALERT —You are being stalked!

Have you heard of Surveillance Capitalism? How about the fourth industrial revolution? This is where we are living…right now. According to Neil Patrick’s blog, Participate or Perish, we are now the most sought-after product in the universe. If you haven’t read his blog, I suggest you rearrange your calendar and…continue

Job Security: Two Key Factors You Can Control

Unemployed jobseekers routinely tell me that they have two concerns about their future. The first is about job security. The second is the fear of being stuck in a job they dislike. About 30% of the people I work with are currently employed and are looking to change jobs. Their…continue

Panic Attack!
     …the terror of an interview

AND 4 Key Components of a Job That Fits Jobseekers willingly submit themselves to what might feel like cross-examination and interrogation during an interview. I am certain that isn’t the intent of the interviewer, however, with so much at stake, managing fear and sometimes even panic, is critical. Panic attack?…continue