COVID-19: The unreported torment of lockdown for young jobseekers

This is the story of two early-career jobseekers who are determined to move forward during COVID-19. I have recently interviewed two early-career jobseekers in New York City. With the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic, I wanted to hear how they were doing and better understand the impact of COVID-19….continue

COVID-19: Critical Cover Letter and Résumé Changes

COVID-19 has given everyone the opportunity to practice flexibility, manage changing priorities, and deal with ambiguity! Amazing! These words and characteristics are on many of the job postings that we see today. Media is fixated on two things:        COVID-19 numbers and the unemployment numbers. The news hype takes advantage of…continue

COVID-19: Who is hiring? Where to look.
Marcia LaReau

If you think there are no jobs during COVID-19? Please think again. Hiring is happening quickly, efficiently, and without delay…IF you know where to look. Companies, businesses, and organizations have been caught off guard by COVID-19, just like you and me. Many people have been furloughed and others laid off….continue