When and How to Change Your Career

Change. It’s everywhere now. And is sure seems like many people are struggling to keep up. Many jobseekers are in shock as entire industries change dramatically because of technology. Some jobs and even entire industries are disappearing completely. People are scrambling to figure out how to repurpose their skills sets…continue

The Pain of Unemployment

The pain of unemployment has become a malicious and inescapable part of our national culture. It is a silent presence in every conversation every day—even if you are employed. Jobseekers carry the bulk of the burden as they try to cope with the financial, psychological, and social impact to their…continue

Managing Your Emotions

Most people agree that getting laid off is a life-changing experience… It can bring a torrential downpour of emotions including anger, resentment, guilt, fear, sadness, and frustration. The gamut can also include variations of relief and excitement. I was laid off twice and both times I experienced a wide array…