How to Best Judge Your Job Search Success

…what every jobseeker should learn from these millennials. This week, a group of millennials brought the most illuminating information about managing their jobsearch. This quartet banned together as a team and they meet each week for an hour. They discuss the challenges of the week and pool their intellects and…continue
Marcia LaReau

How to design a fail-proof — 100% guaranteed — jobsearch

…It’s what everyone is missing. Jobsearch: now a household presence Have you noticed that “the jobsearch” now has a place in (probably) every household in America? Yes, this is conjecture, but I propose that it highly likely that in every household in America there is someone who is: Looking for…continue

The Stigma of Long-term Unemployment…
…and Yet Another Round of Ageism

Age and being without a job are the double whammy of unemployment. There’s good news. Being long-term unemployed is a manageable situation. From the perspective of hiring professionals there are three concerns that will prevent you from being hired. You can prove that you are relevant by managing these three…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! —Part 2

OR: How to find a great company by evaluating the CEO! Changes to the role and demands on CEOs matter to every employee in the company, entry-level to top strategists. It also matters to every jobseeker who is considering an offer from a company. Part I of this blog, introduced…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! – Part 1

Watching career trends is one of the most important activities for every jobseeker. This isn’t just for those who are looking for their next job, but also the job after that and the one after that. As we move deeper into the global, technology-driven economy and as we engage in…continue

How to Follow Up with a Potential Employer

Following up with a potential employer can be one of the greatest challenges in a job search. Most jobseekers anguish over the timing and the frequency of checking in with recruiters, human resource professionals, and managers. Many jobseekers prepare and leave numerous phone messages and send emails—trying to show diligence…continue