Millennials and the Gig Economy
     …Is this really what GenY wants?

The Millennial generation is now in their early careers and they are becoming a major part of the U.S. workforce. Many companies, managers, and hiring professionals are doing their best to understand how to attract this early-career demographic to their businesses and organizations. NOTE: The terms “Millennial” and “GenY” will…continue

Careermageddon: Businesses drive the Gig Economy
       …exploitation or necessity?

The Gig Economy is taking off and gaining momentum. It seems unstoppable. What do you think of when the words, “Gig Economy” come up? Uber? Airbnb? Lyft? ToolLocker? ParkingPanda? ClosetCollective? TaskRabbit? …perhaps you don’t recognize some of these. The list could have been a lot longer. Regardless of your “Gig…continue

Careermageddon: The Gig Economy
—Hidden risks you can’t afford to miss!

More and more people are giving the Gig Economy a closer look. Although it may seem like a new phenomenon, aspects of this employment model have been around for decades. Universities hire adjunct professors, hospitals and warehouses hire contingent workers. What’s the catch?         …wages are often…continue

The Gig economy —why you may be headed there, like it or not

The gig economy is taking over. Unless you are working full-time as an employee with permanent status, it’s likely you are part of the gig economy. The next several blogs will be devoted to the gig economy, how it works, and how it will likely impact your income stream. An…continue