One Jobseeker’s Holiday Survival Kit
by Jacob Grimm

We’re here, everyone: the thick of the holidays. Lights and decorations are up, holiday parties are swinging, and religious, cultural, and family traditions are being celebrated as happily by some folks as they are happily dodged by others. A short list of what makes the season wonderful might include: time…continue

Giving Thanks…gratitude from my heart

It’s Thanksgiving week. I hope I give thanks each day, however, I particularly enjoy the week of Thanksgiving and the focus on thinking through the year and counting my blessings. Clients! From a professional perspective, I am always grateful for my clients. The jobsearch is a treacherous undertaking. With rare…continue

Do you dread holiday gatherings?

The year-end holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Not having a job can make it even tougher. Ironically but not surprising, the holiday gatherings that are the most challenging are often those that involve family. For many jobseekers, the time leading up to the…continue