How to get more than 8 seconds for your résumé review

Jobseekers are quick to show their disdain when the “8-second résumé review” is mentioned. Why shouldn’t they be frustrated? Many (not all) jobseekers take time and care to apply for a position and in the end, IF they even manage to get their paperwork in front of a hiring professional,…continue

How the right bullet points move you to the top—Part 2

Everyone who communicates in writing knows that bullet points can communicate specific information quickly and efficiently. Part 1 of this blog series gives an overview of bullet point tips with regard to cover letters and résumés. It gives a severe reprimand regarding bullets that use common words (e.g. “strong communication…continue

How the right bullet points move you to the top—Part 1

So much of our cover letters and résumés use bullet points to quickly communicate essential information to the reader. Yet, almost every résumé I see, misuses them to the detriment of the jobseeker. This post and the next two posts will focus on critical details about these indispensable communication tools….continue

“Attention to Detail” May Make You a Loser Every Time!

Dare I say that “attention to detail” is on a majority of job postings? Would you agree with me that it is an important part of most jobs? Yet, this three-word phrase means something different to everyone in the hiring process. AND …your résumé has several audiences. Each audience sees…continue

How to Follow Up with a Potential Employer

Following up with a potential employer can be one of the greatest challenges in a job search. Most jobseekers anguish over the timing and the frequency of checking in with recruiters, human resource professionals, and managers. Many jobseekers prepare and leave numerous phone messages and send emails—trying to show diligence…continue