Marcia LaReau

How to design a fail-proof — 100% guaranteed — jobsearch

…It’s what everyone is missing. Jobsearch: now a household presence Have you noticed that “the jobsearch” now has a place in (probably) every household in America? Yes, this is conjecture, but I propose that it highly likely that in every household in America there is someone who is: Looking for…continue

How to enter the hidden jobs market and get hired

As technology changes the hiring process and the global economy enlarges the pool of jobseekers, many companies are turning to recruiters to help them find the right person. This article is about working with recruiters. * * * It can be very disconcerting for a jobseeker when the media reports…continue

Changing or Shifting Careers? …Be fast and efficient

To change or not to change…that is the question. A business analyst has a fair amount of Project Management experience. She wonders if it would be a good idea to shift over to Project Management. It pays better than the Business Analyst positions…Should she or shouldn’t she? Another jobseeker doesn’t…continue