Why You’re Still Unemployed

You have done everything they say, and you still don’t have a job. This blog is in response to a discussion from a LinkedIn Group for job seekers. The discussion centered on the blog: The Pain of Unemployment. One jobseeker had the courage to tell the group about his long…continue

Are you waiting to hear back from an interview?

Interview Follow-up: Top 10 Tips! This job was important to Don and when the call came to schedule an interview, he took special care as he prepared. As a non-profit accountant, Don was very aware that opportunities were disappearing as his industry began outsourcing his business function. Early in the…


Group Interview Tips and Secrets

Interview… Interview… INTERVIEWS! This article is written by Marie Y. Taylor and Marcia LaReau. What is it? In a group interview one or two moderators interview all the candidates for a single position at one time, in the same room. Generally, the candidates will sit in a row facing the moderator. These kinds of…


Finally …. Job Offers

Responding to and assessing job offers  Once you have made it through the interview process, the waiting time can be difficult. Finally, you receive a phone call, email, or letter and you find out if they want to hire you… or not. The situation is challenging regardless of the news….