Interview…no offer… Doesn’t mean you failed?

Interviews bring great hope: Interview requests bring hope. When an email or phone message asks for a jobseeker by name—everything changes. All of a sudden that “just okay” position, may become an incredible prize. The benefits of working there may grow and many of the negatives may diminish or evaporate….continue

Your Elevator Pitch…it’s time for an overhaul!

…this is where jobseekers give away their advantage every time. Are we still using an elevator pitch? Really? I wondered. I went out to Twitter and looked up #elevatorpitch…Oh no. I was aghast… page after page of tweets. Surely, they must be old…nope. Just yesterday. I especially liked one tweet:…continue

Are you waiting to hear back from an interview?

Interview Follow-up: Top 10 Tips! This job was important to Don and when the call came to schedule an interview, he took special care as he prepared. As a non-profit accountant, Don was very aware that opportunities were disappearing as his industry began outsourcing his business function. Early in the…